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Fight, Flee or The Third Response: Transform the Problem

The Third Response: Learn and Grow Through It

In life, unwanted things happen. You have three choices; fight it, ignore it or learn and grow through it.

Your choice in this matter is everything.

You will know you are growing when you choose to love yourself no matter what you are thinking, feeling or experiencing.  When you feel lost, you do not fear it. Instead, you use those completely rudderless moments to connect more deeply within yourself and ask your heart growth questions like, “What can I learn from this” and “What do I want next?” You let the vision of that answer be enough for now. You do not scramble after a bunch of “how to’s” in order to make something happen. Instead, you balance the vision of what you really want next, with confident uncertainty, patience and presence in the one step you know you need to take next.

You will know you are growing when you notice memories of the past and, instead of blaming yourself or others, you let go and let yourself see and understand both sides – What were you wanting and where did you chose to fight or ignore the problem instead of taking the effort to listen, learn and grow through things? What was the other person wanting, yet made the same choice? (What if you both were wanting the same thing?)

This is all normal human stuff. Challenges, especially the big ones, produce your biggest opportunities to grow into the more mature, loving version of yourself – the one your soul knows you can be.
It will take feeling, letting go and finding a new perspective. It will take developing new habits of listening to yourself and thinking about other people.

Unwanted change and lack of immediate new results might be life actually supporting you in stepping into your innate ability to evolve. What do you need to do or be to support this growth?

When you stop fighting or ignoring problems and decide to learn and grow through them, fulfilling changes can become – through you.

This human being thing ain’t for wussies. LOL

I hope you enjoyed this. I’d love to hear your thoughts.