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Don’t Flip Your Lid!

Flip Your Focus

How to Build Resilient Mindsets, Reduce Anxiety and Move Forward in Wellbeing

You can free yourself from the thoughts and feelings that weigh you down and make life hard! Flip Your Focus looks at the normal human stuff going on inside you and helps you navigate your life from the inside out. The answers to how to unshackle your mind, make effective decisions, and experience wellbeing lie with you. This book will show you how to find those answers while shortening and easing the gap between life’’s anxiety-inducing challenges and their fulfilling, peas of mind solutions. Be assured that whether you choose a coach ally or progress on your own, the insights presented in Flip Your Focus can help you transform stress into a confident, clear path forward. You will learn to:

  • The why and how of healthy boundaries
  • The gift of negative emotions
  • The Four Things You Can Control™
  • The powerful connection between emotions, mindsets and results
  • How to find the answers within
  • What you are going through is more normal than you think
  • The step by step process to get unstuck, clear and moving forward
  • Three tools to help you implement strategies that support steady growth and peace of mind

Break the cycle of conflict and ignite productive solutions.

Constructive Conversations:

 10 Guidelines to Resolve Conflict & Drive Results at Work &Home


In Constructive Conversations, Patty Jackson provides a comprehensive guide to effectively resolve conflicts and promote positive change. Drawing upon her decades of experience, Jackson presents powerful strategies and tools that can facilitate the swift transformation of debilitating conflict into meaningful connections, peace of mind, and tangible results. By applying the techniques outlined in this book, individuals can improve their personal and professional relationships, creating a positive impact on their business, family, and overall quality of life.

Make A Difference!

Clear Inner Focus Life Coach Certification

Clear Inner Focus Life Coach Certification is a comprehensive life coach training manual that includes self coaching strategies, tools, life coach skills, life coach session format and business basics. Clear Inner Focus Coach Certification manual includes proprietary content: Energy Bubbles, Seven Steps to Positive Change, Clear Inner Focus Table, and Lanes of Responsibility.
Manual accompanies the Clear Inner Focus Coach Training Self-Study and Clear Inner Focus Life Coach Certification Course 

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