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Where Progress &
Peace of Mind Converge.

Are you prepared to unleash your full potential in life? Join forces with us as we break free from negative patterns and cultivate positive mindsets that pave the way for lasting transformation. Whether you’re seeking personal life coaching or aiming to enhance your employees, teams, business, family, friendships, or marriage, we’re here to support you. Discover powerful techniques that convert recurring stress and anxiety into clarity and tangible results.

Match Me
With a Life Coach

Partner with a life coach to define goals, break negative cycles, and produce lasting change.

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to My Business

Master our proven methodologies to empower employee, team, and business transformation.

Who We Are…

We devote ourselves to supporting people in developing healthy habits to navigate life’s challenges. Our team of life coaches has nearly two decades of coaching experience and a proven track record. We match you to a coach who helps you transform negative circumstances into growth mindsets that support the changes you envision for your career, relationships, family, and life.

What We Do...

Life Coaching

Our proven methodology and life tools guide you out of confusion, overwhelm, anger and frustration to your genius—that place within everyone that clearly sees and confidently knows how to lead the positive changes you envision. We normalize life difficulties and build skills that empower you to navigate them with confidence and peace.

Workshops and Group Coaching

Elevate your workforce with our transformative workshops that pave the way for a confident, engaged, and collaborative environment. Our workshops go beyond mere learning – they empower your employees with essential skills and strategies to navigate stress, enhance communication, be proactive and establish genuine connections with peers and clients.

Are You Worried

You Aren’t Doing It Right?

  • Want to help someone but they won’t listen?
  • Sick of dealing with toxic people?
  • Are you ready to get unstuck and enjoy the good life (right in front of you)?

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Why We Do It…

We love being part of people’s “aha” moments and seeing the transformation that follows. Here are the stories of people we’ve helped break negative cycles to build positive change.

“Before coaching, I faced many challenges. Some being: an unhealthy relationship, starting my career, finding what I did and didn’t love in life (but hey, we’re always doing this one!), and living in the unstableness of being a young adult. Now I can take control of my feelings and aspirations. When life gets hard, I’m able to accept and leverage what I’m feeling to ultimately guide myself to the next best thing! I highly recommend Clear Inner Focus coaching. It’s changed my life and gave me the tools I needed to always find my way back to my path forward.”

Britt Peckham
Social Media Marketer

“The Clear Inner Focus Table is a simple to use, powerful tool that helps me work through my emotions and helps clear my roadblocks. I was amazed at how quickly I could clearly see what was really going on and how to focus my thinking moving forward. I used the guide on a real situation where I was struggling for weeks to get a specific set of tasks done. After using the tool, I had the tasks completed in just a couple of days. Even more impressive, I was able to turn around and help one of my clients through a situation by showing them the basics of the tool and applying it.”

George Geisor
AI Engineer

Flip Your Focus

How to Build Resilient Mindsets, Reduce Anxiety and Move Forward in Wellbeing

This book helps you remove stress, anxiety and self-doubt to grab the good life in front of you. Authors Patty Jackson & Robyn Wright share how to wrestle free from thoughts and feelings that weigh you down and derail progress. The text uncovers the normal human stuff that gets you stuck and provides three tools to transform stress into a confident, clear path forward.

Where Progress & Peace of Mind Converge

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