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Our Story

Patty Jackson launched Clear Inner Focus in 2005 after over a decade of coaching others as a schoolteacher. Patty believes in empowering clients to believe in themselves and discover hidden strengths and gifts. She combines her 18+ years of experience coaching and her training as an educator to develop coaching methodologies that work. Today, she supports a team of life coaches who help others dissolve self-limiting beliefs and build positive mindsets that support and clear a path to sustainable change.

We are a company…

  • DEDICATED to helping people develop healthy habits of navigating life’s challenges.
  • COMMITTED to providing tools and processes that help people consistently address and overcome mental, emotional and relationship barriers to work toward an identified goal.
  • PLEDGED to education with 1:1 coaching, classes, workshops and life coach certification opportunities.
  • DEVOTED to improving businesses through increased employee engagement, retention, collaboration, enthusiasm and productivity, which reduces expenses and increases profits.

Our Work

Our coaching company helps professional women in people-centered roles break negative cycles and build positive change. Trained life coaches teach people to use our proven strategies to help them transform stress and anxiety into effective actions and results.

Our Difference

Our tools and strategies are proven to match your life, your challenges and your growth goals today and throughout your life. Decades after working with us, our clients report the lasting benefits of applying our coaching methodology and tools in their personal and professional life.

Our Process

It all begins with a phone call. Patty asks questions about goals, answers your questions about mindset coaching, and matches you with a coach. A 12-week coaching program follows. The program focuses on structured guidance, strategies, and life-tools to develop habits that support progress.

Our Team

Are you done trying to improve a situation with the same empty results? Reap the benefits of working with a Clear Inner Focus Mindset Coach. Our curated team of Clear Inner Focus Certified Mindset Coaches meet you where you are to guide you to your genius.

Patty Jackson

Founder of Clear Inner Focus

Growth, Leadership and Coach Training

Robyn Wright

Certified Master Life Coach
Marriage, Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth

Tracey Huebner

Certified Life Coach

Life Transitions

Tracy Kummer

Certified Life Coach

Developing better relationships

Where Progress & Peace of Mind Converge

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