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The Power of Choice

I’m not sure how we will get to the other side of this Coronavirus experience, but I am sure how I want to get through it.

I can’t control the virus, other people, politicians, time… the list is endless, but I can control my response to them.

I choose to respond in amazement.

  • The older shopper in an electric powered wheel chair choosing to shop mask free – AMAZING
  • The mom with two teens, shopping with masks on – AMAZING
  • A ‘high risk’ friend gaining courage from the voice of a political radio personality – AMAZING
  • The nurse friend with asthma in full PPE captioning her photo with, “I saw my first case of Covid-Toes” (yes, that is a thing). – AMAZING
  • The friends who feel safe enough to get up close and personal at restaurants and bars – AMAZING

Sometimes I wish I knew the absolutely right answer to how to make this all better and could convince the world to implement the strategy. I don’t. Even the most “this is a a hoax” people I know are tempering that thought with extra safety measures for themselves or their loved ones.

Maybe no one is RIGHT or WRONG in how they are playing this out. Maybe we are all playing the part we are meant to play, to the best of our abilities, in the moment of now.

My choice to love myself, no matter what I am thinking, feeling and experiencing has supported me through each crazy moment of this pandemic and helped me see the amazing…and the potential for more amazing to evolve. It has helped me regain my peace of mind when the going gets rough and focus on moving forward and enjoying my life.

What choices are you making to support yourself through these “unprecedented times”?

I would love to hear what is working for you.


PS: People with big visions and big hearts can get stuck in overwhelm. There is too much to do. They want to succeed, bring out the best in others, and lead their vision forward. In it all, their focus gets diluted.
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