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How to Worry Less

Worry is not love, but it can be disguised as such because we worry about people and things we care about.

Living in a state of mild to severe worry is not usual. We can become comfortable with its familiarity and live around it, but it steals the peace of mind and joy that can be found in the little moments of the amazing life right in front of you.

Worry helps us think about potential problems. To transform it into wisdom, notice what you are worried about and remind yourself, 

“If the unwanted scenario does happen, I know how to respond. I know how to 

stay safe inside myself, communicate and support myself through any challenge. 

It is important to take care of myself and get focused on what I’d like to see, 

even if it doesn’t seem possible. 

I am my most powerful positive influence when I align my thoughts and feelings 

with the picture of a winning solution. 

What future growth or experience would I like to see instead of this worry that is living in my mind? 

I can focus on this answer, let myself be okay right now and trust myself in 

how I will handle future events.”

When you do, your wise mind will begin to offer solutions, and your energy will begin to flow through you, providing grounded, confident loving feelings instead of being hijacked into worry. Your aligned energy will back your actions and support what you want in a confident manner instead of being controlling, disrespectful or a negative influence on others. From this inner advantage point, you stay open to the path to better outcomes and more effective in the face of challenges. With practice, living in your heart will become your new normal.

Try it! Think of something you are worried about. Now remind yourself of the bolded mantra above. You might not know how to deal with an unwanted scenario in the moment, but as you acknowledge the wisdom within you, resources to try a new way, learn and grow into the next best version of yourself can be found.


Patty Jackson, Founder CIF Coaching

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