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Overcoming Setbacks

Overcoming Setbacks

Nature often provides the perfect parable for wisdom and encouragement.

Last week the weather in Wisconsin was exciting. The grass turned green before my eyes. The temperatures crept and then leapt into bike friendly zones. Euphoric neighbors flocked to the streets.
Then. It. Snowed.

I’ve had this happen with my goals. It will seem like everything is falling into place, momentum is picking up and then BAM. All growth stops. Nothing. Crickets.

With nature it is easy to see that summer and the potential of green grass have only been paused. I’ve seen it before. I trust its inevitability. The grass doesn’t die. In fact, it will benefit from the water that comes from the snow’s melt.

When the growth of your goals cannot be seen or are paused by an outside force, do you stay in belief and wait it out patiently, or do you freak out, give up or destroy the whole project? In truth, I have done all of the above many times, but I have learned.

Patience, belief and confidence make both moving forward and riding out setbacks infinitely easier. You can hold these attributes when you have a clear picture of the goal you want and are tending to the four things that are in your control.

I am watching my son apply and interview for his first career job in this manner. His belief, patience and confidence are contagious. Instead of worrying about him, I find myself feeling proud and grateful: trusting him and admiring his process.

What supports you in weathering setbacks?

I would love to hear your stories.

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