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How to Speak Up and Take Care of Yourself

Work stress can bleed into home life and vice versa. If stress is starting to get the best of you, keep reading. This will help:

Several years ago I had a personal earthquake – a life event that shook everything up. I saw ”it” coming, tried talking to the other people, but they didn’t listen.

After the event, I could hear a thought screaming in my head, “Why wasn’t my voice enough?”

The next week, I kept hearing the thought scream. So, I sat down and listened to it and my heart to see what I could learn.

I realized my voice alone isn’t enough, but when it is backed with a clear picture of what I want, what I am responsible for, what other people are responsible for, and what God, The Universal Manager, is responsible for, my voice is enough for me. I can be safe and happy no matter what other people decide to do.

When you back your words with this inner clarity, you can trust that what you are saying and doing is enough and that life is unfolding as it should. In that challenge you are having, can you see the picture of the results you want in your mind’s eye? If so, enjoy! If not, you can get to work and build it.

Here is a “personal power tool” to help you do so: The C.I.F.T.