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How to Overcome Disappointment

Don’t let your emotions drive behavior you will regret.

You didn’t get the job, your plans fell through or you can’t afford what you really want. You can’t control your emotions, other people or life, but you can control your response to them.

On Saturday my day started in the wrong direction. I felt so discouraged and sad, so I found my own space, sat down and felt it. Tears welled. My throat tightened. I took deep breaths and the feelings passed. I knew what I wanted yet surrendered to what was happening instead.

Then, within 20 minutes the two other people involved turned around, worked together and the three of us pulled off a win-win-win time and task schedule.

I’ve done this stop-and-feel process many times and every time I am amazed. I wasn’t doing it in order to get what I wanted. I was doing it to soothe myself and find a way to be okay.

Heavy feelings are often the pivotal point in real, sustainable growth – or destruction. The key is to contain them and let them pass through – not blame or lash out at others or implode and lash in at yourself.

Today, I continue to see forward movement on my Saturday desires. Ah…

When was the last time you stopped and let your feelings pass through?

What happened next?