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How to Make a Tough Decision

Change is a constant in life. You can’t control it. You can only decide how you will respond to it.

Here is how you can make a tough decision and respond in a way that will lead your life in the direction you really want to be going.

You will know you are at a pivotal point to lead your life in a new direction when you find your frustration is consuming your focus, your efforts to create change have not produce the results you want and/or it seems as though the powers that be are more influential than you are – and they are moving in the wrong direction. The problem is, most people think that the first step in creating change is to decide to stay where they are or go to a new job, marriage, friend or residence. It’s not!

POSITIVE CHANGE happens when you are willing to stay with the discomfort of frustration or resentment long enough to clarify your solutions – to identify what you really want next, even if right now you do not think it is possible. Your inner clarity will support your ability to speak your truth with conviction so you can be heard and know your next step. This is how you can make things happen where ever you decide to be.

The “Should I Stay or Should I Go” question indicates you are currently in a fight or flight mindset. An “I want, but I can’t”​ kind of conversation will loop in your mind.

You can build a mindset that supports positive change and growth by:

  1. Setting aside time to listen to your thoughts.
  2. List the problems you are thinking about – and don’t judge yourself for them.
  • The company is going to sell and I might lose my job anyway.
  • It’s not the same as it used to be.
  • I’m stressed all the time.

3. Suspend reality and the desire to figure out what to do next. Instead:

  • Breathe deeply. (It will calm your discomfort). Then contemplate, one by one, what solution you would rather see instead of each part of the problem or each thought you were complaining about inside your head. Write these ideas down.
  • I’d like new management to take over no matter who owns the company, where the people are supportive and fun to work with
  • I love my job again, even thought the company has changed quite a bit.
  • I enjoy free time again, laughing with the family and relaxing

4. Reread the mindset you built in step four. Imagine it happening (without having to know how). Enjoy how focusing on your new mindset feels.

5. Ask yourself, what is one step I can take today in the direction of my new mindset, what I really want.

  • I’m going to look into that family vacation I’ve been thinking about

6. Take that step!

7. Reread your new mindset any time your focus wanes and take another step forward.


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