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How to Make a Great Decision

Decision making can be SO HARD. We need to take care of ourselves, have compassion for others and do things differently. We see short term problems and have long term goals. Covid-19 adds to the intensity of the challenge. We are in uncharted territory. Even my simple decision to take the dog to a Covid-19 compliant vet presented a decision making challenge this morning.

The CIFT chart will help you see through your stress, worries and concerns so you can make a solid decision.

Here is how it worked for me this morning:

My aging dog had an appointment for blood work today. It would prove whether the vet could prevent her back teeth from falling out.

I care about my dog, the vet, her assumed business struggle and preventing the spread of CV-19.

Does the virus travel on fur? No internet search could give me a solid answer.

I filled out a CIFT chart

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The clear focus of what I wanted to see, even though I have no control some of it, made it easy for me to trust my decision to call the vet, be present with the person on the phone and cancel the appointment. Because of it, I could clearly hear confirmation that I did the right thing. I wasn’t distracted with my own stress and confusion as we spoke. I found the veterinarians office had already cancelled the mouth surgery even if her bloodwork would have allowed the next steps. I didn’t loose my peace of mind with anger and judgement towards them. They did drop the ball on that part of our communication. I understood. We are in this together.

A clear inner focus supports you in many ways. It supported my great decision, kindness, compassion and confirmation that I am on track. Making good decisions and trusting the decisions you make are crucial during this time.

If you want to clear stress or make a hard decision, here is a link with the CIFT chart, an example and directions. This is how you can play your important part in leading us through this.