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How to Lead and Inspire Change

There comes a time in everyone’s life where you realize trying harder is not going to get you the results you want. There is something different; something more or less that needs to be done, but what is it?!

The following Seven Steps to Positive Change™ are not linear, but they are steps that need to be taken to achieve sustainable change in any area of growth. They happen naturally, except for when we thwart them with some of our normal human stuff we sometimes do – when we get in our own way.

train coaches to listen for these steps and to guide others to over come the obstacles to each of them. Try them for yourself. Think of an area you want to change or grow in and read through the steps below. When you realize something you can do differently, do it.

Return to this list any time you want to gain clarity, guidance and motivation.

Seven Steps to Positive Change* – How to Gain Peace of Mind and Lead Change from the Inside Out

Step One: Awareness of what is, with acceptance and Self-Love.

  • It is through this step that you can let go, get out of the limitations of your current mindset and connect with possibilities, Universal Wisdom and Divine support – God as defined by you.

Step Two: Get clear on your desire. Dream about them. Know you deserve them.

  • Make the decision to do this daily, on all dreams and desires.
  • Clear desires are backed by the emotions conjured in dreaming about them, envisioning them or imagining them.
  • Knowing you deserve them anchors your inner focus on this goal and helps you to make decisions in line with it.

Step Three: Open to Receive them in delightful ways.

  • Address your normal human feelings of overwhelm, loneliness or fears of financial, emotional, physical or relationship safety by applying strategies in step one.
  • Replace your fears by defining and dreaming about HOW you would like them to come to fruition with strategies in step two.

Step Four: Believe

Christian Quote: With God, all things are possible.

Metaphysical Quote: Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.

  • Imagine it happening.
  • Watch for, focus on a see the signs along the way.

Step Five: Take Inspired Actions

  • Ask yourself, “What is one step I can take in the direction of this goal/dream/desire?” Listen for the answer and take that step.

Step Six: Experience and Enjoy Now as Enough

  • Balance moving forward with the beauty of the good life in front of you. After dreaming about future goals, enjoy now. Take grounded steps forward and trust you have done enough.

Step Seven: Practice, Patience and Praise

  • Growth and change take time. Life is not about getting “there.” Mistakes are simply opportunities to fine tune your learning increase your awareness, acceptance, self- love and eventual positive change.

* These steps are not given to be taken in order but could be. Some goals require a longer amount of time spent on certain steps.

The Origins of these steps:

In 2004, I was clear that I wanted a systematic process to help clients understand how to lead change in their lives and guide others to their own answers. I took an inspired action and hopped on my bike. On that ride, The Seven Steps to Positive Change™ became clear. I often get good ideas on bike rides and usually bring pen and paper with me. Without them, I started “beating myself up”, the opposite of step seven. Aware of that, I decided to walk myself through the steps. My desire was clear: I wanted a pen – a working pen. Quickly walking myself through each step, a brand new pen appeared on the roadside in front of my front tire.

Since their origin, thousands of people have found clarity, liberation and profound progress by using these steps. Enjoy!

Patty Jackson, Director at Clear Inner Focus Education & Coaching