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How to Help Others Succeed – Three Tips

Are you someone who loves to help people tap into their potential, move forward and succeed – where you know you said something that made them light up with the realization of their answer, AND you knew they were motivated to take steps forward?

I am one of those people – but it’s not the making-a-lot-of-money or getting-first-place success that makes my heart soar. It’s the helping people realize:“I am capable, valuable, important, loved! I am not alone on this great big planet earth. I can trust myself. I can trust others, and therefore, I can move forward.”

Why? Because when we are focused only on a goal and don’t back it with trust, it’s hard to move forward and truly succeed. You might reach one goal but at the cost of others, or you will find yourself missing the stuff that makes life fulfilling – things like relationships, fulfillment, life balance and peace of mind.

The kind of help I love to give is reinforced with my perspective of, “You are a NORMAL HUMAN BEING experiencing challenges, and you CAN get to the other side of this.” I know others’ challenges aren’t mine to FIX – because you, my fellow earth mates, ARE NOT BROKEN.

My passion is to shine light on your strengths – because we all doubt our gifts sometimes, and it is my honor to be allowed to shed a light of greater awareness, acceptance and love on your fears, challenges, heavy feelings and not-so-nice thoughts. I see them all as NORMAL HUMAN STUFF – the very ingredients needed to grow forward in new ways.

I know that heaviness is the stuff that precedes growth – when given the proper conditions, and only you can do the work it takes to grow. I can help you understand how to build trust in yourself, stay committed and forward focused so the changes you want don’t have to take so long or feel so hard. I am Patty Jackson, the founder of Clear Inner Focus Education & Coaching.

A few premises that back our ability to help others truly succeed are:

  • LIFE, relationships, business and growth are WONDERFUL and MESSY. 
  • There is something better than lots of money and first place. It’s enjoying the journey, growth, relationships, experiences and small successes along the way. It’s knowing how to find peace of mind in any situation, and trusting that success is inevitable.
  • There is something more fulfilling than perfection. It is doing your best and then being able to let go, trusting the next steps will be navigable so you can tend to your other priorities, too.
  • There is something better than being right. It is knowing who you are and expressing yourself authentically. It is listening to others as you co-create the easiest, best solution.
  • There is something better than being happy. It is knowing how to support yourself and others in times of sadness, messiness and incompleteness so you can be happy without fearing it will go away, because you know it will. It is knowing you can navigate whatever you feel, and you will find a way to be okay no matter what happens next.
  • There is something better than giving. It’s being able to be strong when you need to hold back. Instead of giving help, money or advice you give patience, space, support and tools for others to learn and grow into their best self, in their time, in their way.
  • There is something better than being positive. It is being able to look at the negative straight in the face, without ignoring, judging or blaming. Instead of damning the negative or getting tripped up in it, you confidently address what is yours to take care of and let go of the rest.

If you work with people and are passionate about helping them tap into their potential to be their best self, move forward and realize their goals – you need to start with these three things:

  1. Listen without trying to make others feel better or solve their problem. That is their job. Instead, listen with curiosity. “I wonder what really matters to this person. What do they value?” It can be alluring to get caught up in the problem or the “I can’t story” that people tell. It might make you want to reach over and help them, insert your answer – or shake them silly (I snicker here). I tell my coaching students, notice the pull to be drawn in – and then stay in your chair. You can imagine listening with ears on your heart so your mind doesn’t get engaged with their stress stories.
  2. Let them know you heard them and understand what they are saying. You don’t have to agree with what they are saying, just let them know you HEARD them. This slows down the momentum of their inner conflict and stress thoughts. You can do this by paraphrasing what they said – or even repeating it verbatim, letting them know you want to make sure you heard and understand what they were communicating. When you do this, people will hear themselves. Often they will add qualifiers or soften their stance. Building trust in ourselves begins with hearing ourselves – the things we are saying – and then accepting or modifying our focused thoughts.
  3. Share an authentic acknowledgement. I started this article stating that successfully moving forward starts with trusting ourselves. We can’t see ourselves. Our eyes look outward 99% of the day. We see gifts in others and the difference they are making, but it is hard to see these in ourselves. An acknowledgement is voicing the gifts, passion or difference you see in others. You might want to check with them and see if you are seeing them correctly so they can see it themselves or clarify their own positive self view. EVERYONE benefits from an authentic acknowledgement. The giver, receiver and those who witness the exchange.

An example of an authentic acknowledgement would be one I would like to give to you, reader of this article: Thank you for taking the time to read this. By spending your time reading to this point, I can see you really care about being your best self, and making your greatest, most positive impact in the lives of others.

Is this true? If yes, soak it in! If not, what is it you value and want to know as you read this?


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