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How to Feel Better Than Happy

On a walk last week, I greeted 2 neighbors. “You’re always happy, Patty,” one noted. I appreciated her bringing my attention to how happy, content and grateful I was feeling, AND I knew emphatically that this is not always the case.

Covid distancing, Wisconsin weather, Easter without kids and the lack of colors outside produced the perfect environment for my deeper existential questions and feelings to arise. What is the purpose?

I can’t say I liked being in that place, but I was okay with my uncomfortable not-yet-answered questions and unfulfilled desires, even though I had no idea how long they were going to last. They were just my feelings. Valid. Normal. Temporary. I knew, believed, good answers and new experiences would come from them in time.

Being aware of your feelings and then loving and accepting yourself right where you are is better than always being happy. It is real; the way to be the best human you can be.  It makes it easier for people to support you, and it keeps your less-than-love feelings from spilling out and infecting others.

Patty Jackson, Founder of Clear Inner Focus Education & Coaching


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