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Sweet Expectations – How to Believe In Yourself

Expectation means “a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.”

Last week I ordered something from Amazon. I expected it by Tuesday. When it wan’t in my mailbox, I still believed it was coming. My belief made it easy for me to stay calm, check their website and find it at my front door.

When my kids were younger, I told myself I expected them to do the dishes. It wasn’t really true. I didn’t back that expectation with the sweet thoughts of belief. Thoughts like, “They understand the importance of helping out. When one is too busy the others understand and pitch in.” Instead, it was backed with a lot of bitter thoughts like “Why do I have to tell the again?….”  

It is infinitely easier to get people to cooperate with you when you back your expectations with the sweet feeling thoughts of belief. It requires noticing what you are thinking and focusing on thoughts that support a positive expectation – the outcome you want. Your unseen efforts will increase your effectiveness and support easier results.

What are you expecting this week? Can you imagine it with sweetness?