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Trust & Success – Success & Trust

Success can be unsettling.
You can get so used to things the way they are
and so used to the angst of striving
that when success happens – it can feel overwhelming. 

Is it real and here to stay?
Can you sustain it?
Do you deserve it – even when others don’t have it…yet?


You do deserve it.
It IS real and you can sustain it.
(So much so that eventually, you will find yourself wanting more, new, different, too.)

If you find yourself in the wobble space after reaching a goal
and it feels unsettling,
do the work it takes to “get yourself out of the way”.
Steer your thoughts back towards TRUST-
the kind of trust that is rooted in trust for yourself, and trust in God/The Universe.

Trust opens you to allowing today’s good…and more to come in.

Sure as fall follows summer, life challenges will follow successes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t savor, expect and enjoy the sweetness of successes again and again and again.
Let’s ENJOY the heck out of this normal human stuff.

Patty Jackson