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Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

To love big and connect big mandates a need for healthy boundaries. 

I spent the weekend with a friend who had a cold. She was concerned we were going to catch it.

Spending time with anyone puts you at risk of ‘catching’ whatever they have. You might catch their fun, love, mannerisms, ideas, attitudes — and angst.

It is important to be able to know how to separate from others and re-focus on your own responsibilities, fun, love and ideas, too.

Today’s tool helps you define healthy boundaries so you can stay true to yourself and be your best self with others. Jump right in with the tool or keep reading and catch the tool at the end.

My oldest kids are 22 and my parents, siblings and friends are very successful, capable people, yet sometimes I see their challenges and begin thinking about how they should solve them (even though they are not asking for my help). Oops! If do, I drain my energy with the worry and powerlessness that comes from focusing on things that are out of my control. Talking to them from that focus will deliver words backed with my angst. This is never helpful and often adds to both of our angst.

We are human, and this is all normal human stuff.

Being willing to learn and grow forward makes life, love and people stuff infinitely easier and more fun!

Sometimes loved ones ask for help. Sharing ideas from your heart, and then letting go and not continuing to ‘work on their problems’, worrying if you said the right thing or if they will follow through on what you discussed is the key.

The Define Your Lane of Responsibility Tool can help you do this.

It helps you listen to others with proverbial ears on your heart, enabling you to think things like: 

“They’ve got this. If there is something I can say that will be helpful, let it come tumbling out of my mouth, in the right time, with the right words.”

Having confidence and clear boundaries is contagious.

It helps you experience:

  • Deep meaningful conversations
  • Energy as you listen to others
  • Confident responses
  • The thrill of seeing growth in yourself and in others

You’ve got this!



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