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Don’t Freak Out – Do This Instead

He had a sweet business deal in the making. Then something threatened it. His clear path forward faltered. “Oh no, what if…” and “I better…” thoughts began to run through his mind.

Freaking out, inside at least, is something we all do to some extent. But, following fearful thoughts down their endless path is not the best idea.

I knew his Clear Inner Focus – everything he really wanted and why.
I found myself saying to him, “No. Don’t go into the drama and waste your energy trouble shooting alternatives. There are no back doors here. THIS is the time to stay forward focused, work with others and get what you really want.”

The laws of motion say an object at rest tends to stay at rest unless set into motion by an outside force, and an object (or in this case a thought) tends to stay in motion unless stopped by an outside force. You can use your breath and focus as outside forces to stop your thoughts’ momentum. Often, especially when you first start intentionally calming yourself down,  it is easier to get re-focused when someone else is that outside force.

The business man stopped trouble-shooting all the ‘what if’s…’ unwanted possibilities. He flipped his focus back to where he wanted this deal to go, lead a few powerful conversations, and regained his clear path forward.

“Back door” thoughts are normal:

  • “If I get sick, I won’t have to go.”
  • “I could always quit and get another job.”
  • “I can’t stand this. I want a divorce.”
  • “Oh, it didn’t really matter.” 
  • “If it doesn’t work, then I can…and then…and then…”

If you are freaking out with thoughts that are leading you to less than what you really want, you can flip your focus and recommit to where you want to go – clear thoughts that will lead you to the front doors of the magnificent life ahead of you. 

You are more powerful than you sometimes think!

If you don’t know where you really want to go, you can get clear with our free online tool: The Clear Inner Focus Tool. If your focus tends to get diluted, you can learn 6 tools to Flip Your Focus in a book by Patty Jackson.

The business man hired the key employee he wanted and together they are growing his business in an exciting new direction.