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What is a Mindset Coach? How Can They Help Me?

How do mindsets drive behavior?

A mindset coach helps you see your underlying beliefs in new ways. This is especially important when those beliefs get in the way of your progress, dreams, and desires. A mindset coach assists you in creating new, resilient mindsets that fortify lasting change for the life you want to live.  For example, if you think, “I want to meditate every morning to start my day with peace,” yet believe  “There’s no way I can meditate every morning. I have three kids that need to get ready for school. When would I have time for that?” then reaching your goal is going to be nearly impossible. 

Your current mindset isn’t wrong. It simply drives your current behavior, leads you to your current results, and gets reinforced by those results.

How are new mindsets formed?

To create sustainable change, you need to change your beliefs, habitual thoughts, and subsequent emotions that are locked in place. This is challenging for most people because in the moment of becoming aware of what they are thinking (“I don’t have time to meditate.”) and also hearing the inner voice calling for change, resistance steps in. It might sound like,  “I do want to start my day with peace, but why do I have to change things to have that? Is there something wrong with me? I hate how everyone’s talking about how great mediation is.) 

Resistance isn’t all bad. In fact, it can be a good thing. Just like a mindset coach, it helps you see where you have beliefs that hold you back and shines a light on how to stay true to yourself.

To change your mindset, it is important to feel safe – to be able to say and see what is with curiosity and acceptance. A good mindset coach helps create a safe container for full honesty. They help you see yourself and your challenges with acceptance and a foundational belief that you are not broken nor need to be fixed. A good mindset coach sees you as powerful and capable of evolving through current challenges into living the kind of life you are longing for.

If I’m not broken, what am I?

You are a human being with unique experiences to you, your own set of memories, developed and underdeveloped strengths, personal desires, and a myriad of mindsets. Some of your habitual ways of thinking and behaving have been handed to you since birth (I like the Green Bay Packers because my parents liked the Green Bay Packers), others you formed through experience (Ever since I was in a car accident, I feel anxious in a car) and some are preferences you have adopted over time (I like Indie music and Korean food). Some mindsets were part of learning (2+2=4) or listening to and believing others (My dad always told me I needed to toughen up).

Why do I need a coach? Can’t I do this on my own?

Becoming aware of your current habits of thinking and how you react to life’s stimuli; the things going on outside you as well as your own internal thoughts, feelings, and desires can be overwhelming. It takes time to tend to the life in front of you as well as build mindsets that support steady progress and emotional health going into the future. Coaching is not only a dedicated time to address what you are wanting, learning, and making progress in now; it is a safe space allowing you to look within and be vulnerable with yourself. In coaching, you become aware of the deeper desires, strength, and wisdom you have within you. For example, if you start with the desire to meditate daily, then get past the beliefs that are stopping you so you can clearly envision finding peace each day, you will be able to experience new thoughts like, “I feel proud of myself for taking the time I need for me. I love feeling grounded as I start my day.”  When you infuse your mindsets with the reasons why you want to achieve your goals, there will be meaning and motivation to show up differently. A coach helps you see the small new results and reinforces your new thoughts until your new mindsets and subsequent habits form.

How is a mindset coach different than a life coach?

Mindset coaching is an area of specialty that some life coaches choose. It provides structures and specific tools to break down old thought patterns and assists in creating new patterns of thoughts that lead to new habits.  Our coaches employ our proprietary tools with their clients so they can continue to use those tools in the years ahead, with or without the guidance of a coach. In this way, a mindset coach plays a pivotal role in helping people make foundational changes for lifelong learning and growth.