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How to Trust the Process

How to Trust the Process

Our first grandchild is due Wednesday!!!

Waiting for a dream or long awaited desire is exhilarating when you let yourself believe that the end result is inevitable. Trusting the process allows you to enjoy the excitement of what you want and balance eagerness with anticipatory patience.

Dreaming big and staying grounded along the way requires actively choosing to trust God, The Universe, or life itself to support you and your dreams, and why shouldn’t you? After all, where did your dream, your heart-felt desire, come from?

Balancing excitement with overeagerness is an exercise that will keep a knowing smirk alive inside you and wonder in each day.

What if you could make all of your human dreams are like that?

 – make a clear decision on a goal
– know a general time frame in which you will fulfill it
– hold that vision within and believe (even though sometimes it feels like you are faking it) 
– take consistent steps to be ready when it arrives
– you research and hire professional help to guide the process 
– it begins to appear real
– you balance your focus whenever thoughts waver
– you let go and let the timing and specifics present themselves

Once a dream, desire or goal has unfolded, you are on that great vacation, you have the job, spouse or long awaited child, you let yourself soak in and enjoy and continue dreaming again.