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How to Deal with a Needy Coworker

Better Than The Best Advice

Sometimes people lean on others as their way of trying to process their challenges. Some lean too hard. It can be draining to try to lift others up, and help them out –  especially when they do nothing different. Even the best advice doesn’t help.

Better than giving advice is listening and backing your listening with thoughts of, “You are okay right where you are. You know how to navigate your challenges, and will when you are ready.”

Thinking this about yourself helps you stay strong within yourself as you listen to others.

You are okay right where you are, you know. You do know how to navigate your challenges and will when you are ready to commit to your goals.

When you don’t verbally encourage, advise or push others,  two things happen:

1. They will have the opportunity to hear themselves more clearly and do something with what they are hearing, or decide now is not the time and move on. 

2. You will have the energy you need to return to your life – the good and the changes you want to continue to make.


Patty Jackson, Founder
Clear Inner Focus Mindset Coaching


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