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How Can A Life Coach Tell Me How to Live My Life?

A good life coach does not probe, push, nor tell you what you should do. Instead, they trust that you ultimately have the answers you seek, and they are confident in their abilities to help you discover those answers. Through the process of coaching and self-discovery, your motivation and ability to live your life in the way you desire gains momentum.  

A good life coach understands it is normal to have challenges and habits that are hard to overcome. They also know that the best ideas to initiate change are yours. With this in mind, a good life coach brings an unconditionally accepting outside perspective, proven strategies, helpful tools, and a trained ear to assist you. Well-focused coaching conversations will strengthen your capacity to get clear, believe in yourself, develop your gifts, focus on strengths, and tap into inner-wisdom.  

With the competency of a skilled life coach, you will become more aware of the habits that are driving your automatic behaviors, and you will be able to build new mindsets; ones that will support new habits of navigating the things that used to make you feel stuck. You will see how taking incrementally significant steps forward is the key to a life of steady progress, results you want, and greater peace of mind.

A good life coach does not tell you how to live your life. A good life coach helps you tell yourself how to live your life. 

At Clear Inner Focus Mindset Coaching, we use the following guidelines to support our clients in the coaching process. These guidelines foster self-awareness, accountability, and responsibility so our clients discover their answers and create the change they desire.