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Four Steps to Ignite Motivation and Find Your Inner Drive

Your desires + emotions wield the power to set everything you want into motion, yet they also can be the chains that hinder your progress, too.

To change your emotional state, change what you are telling yourself.


Are you ready for a transformational experience? Try this!

1. Contemplate something you truly desire.

2. Tell yourself, “Oh course I want it. There is nothing wrong with me for wanting this. It’s feasible, reasonable and achievable over time. I don’t have to have all the steps mapped out right now. I have what it takes to make good decisions, collaborate with others and take smart steps forward. Even if I encounter mistakes or obstacles, I can navigate them, learn and evolve.” 

3. Immerse yourself in these empowering set of thoughts regarding your desires. Allow your developing new mindset to create a positive shift in your emotions. While you may not initially fully believe these thoughts, spending time reflecting on them will gradually align your emotions with this new mindset and support the steps you need to take to achieve your desired outcomes.

4. Next, ask yourself, “Just for fun, what’s one small step I can take toward that desire today?” and take it!

Remember to always keep in mind the importance of staying  or regaining optimism about the eventual realization of your goals. By practicing patience and fostering a strong mindset infused with belief in your capabilities, you are taking actionable steps towards strengthening your inner world connection to self-confidence and motivation. This will help keep doubts and fears at bay, allowing you to stay on the right track within yourself. And when you are aligned within yourself, it naturally leads to taking the right actions in the world.


Consider my own experience: I was midway through a bathroom remodeling project, and couldn’t get myself to take the next steps. I found myself feeling stuck and frustrated. It was then that I decided to change my mindset with the above steps so I could not only get it done, but also enjoy the project.

1.I contemplated the finished bathroom – what I wanted it to look like and how I wanted it to function, the facts about its completion.

2. Adding encouraging thoughts like those in step 2 above, the full vision of what I wanted and why I wanted it became clear within me. I wanted to create a warm and welcoming bathroom for my cherished houseguests, ensuring their comfort while staying in my house. I wanted the artwork to convey big love and a great life, a happy heartedness – especially for my grand daughter.

3. While immersing myself in what I wanted, why I wanted it, and why it was possible, big emotions started stirring within me. It felt like my emotional landscape was being rearranged within me as big love started finding its way though. I knew that was a good thing -not only for my bathroom but also for my overall well-being and my future guests.

4. I was able to make a clear decision on buying a lively picture of penguins jumping into a bathtub. I confidently chose from an assortment of colors, believing that I could find curtains and towels to coordinate with it. I remembered that I could return and choose again if I needed to go in another direction. Each next step became achievable with my mindset infused with empowering thoughts and my big-love reason why I was doing it. 

Your desires matter, and being stuck means you really care about something. You’re just not focused on the big picture of all the things you care about and your innate abilities – yet. By following these four steps, you can effectively convert your overwhelming emotional energy into the driving force that propels you towards achieving your goals and reaching the desired destination.