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How to Stop Trying Too Hard And Make Real Progress

Do you ever find yourself getting a lot done but nothing is changing?

Here is how to stop trying too hard – and make real progress.

When you find yourself trying too hard, it is time to get grounded and rebalanced within yourself.
First, cut yourself some slack! It is normal to catch yourself here.

The trick to real progress will seem counter intuitive.

Do it anyway.

As soon as you catch yourself in the
“Gotta get it done, gotta make it happen,” mode
take a deep breath and a step back.

Give yourself time to remember what you want and why you want it.

Then take your next step.

When you do, your steps will be fulfilling. Your words will be more engaging. New opportunities will be easier to see and hear.

Patty Jackson, Founder Clear Inner Focus


Clear Inner Focus is an education & coaching company dedicated to helping you build healthy habits of managing stress and anxiety so you can find the clarity, peace of mind and motivation you need to make real progress in whatever area of life that means the most to you.

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