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How to Overcome Anxiety About Driving in A Car

Everyone experiences anxiety sometimes, to some extent. Many people feel it in cars. They focus on the variables of what could go wrong and worry about the driver’s ability to navigate them.

I don’t usually experience car anxiety, but yesterday I did! The car in front of us kept swerving and jerking back into its lane. I found my focus stuck on the car and I found my mind hijacked by anxiety producing thoughts.


Anxiety comes from focusing on scary ‘What if…’ kinds of thoughts like: “What if I do something wrong and it causes me to look bad, or get hurt, or hurt someone else, or never be okay.

Noticing myself, I took a deep breath and flipped my focus from the unpredictable car to the things I could control – things going on inside of me.

Instead of trying to figure out what to do about the problem, I got focused on what I wanted first: I wanted to arrive safely and the driver to arrive safely. If the driver had issues, I wanted him/her/them to address them safely, after their drive.


With clarity comes peace of mind and an idea about what to do next.

I calmly asked my husband to increase his following distance and sent wishful prayers for the driver. Within minutes, the car was no longer on my radar, and we had a great day with friends on Green Lake.

This is an example of how Practice Self-Care and Self Responsibility and empower all others by allowing them to do the same * helps make the world a safer place to be, learn, grow and connect with others.

Could you imagine what my anxiety, if left unchecked, might have done to my husband’s ability to drive calmly and confidently or the emotional tone I might have set for our day?

Anxiety is a normal emotion. If you have a habit of feeling anxious about being in a car, it is beneficial to build and practice a calm, confident mindset BEFORE getting in a car. Then, when something seemingly dangerous grabs your intention, you will have the focus, habits and tools you need to navigate your emotions in live time, re-gain your peace of mind and lead yourself forward towards your fulfilling goals.


Patty Jackson, Founder Clear Inner Focus Education & Coaching

PS: If you want to learn more about how we can help you or a loved one develop better habits of responding to anxiety, schedule a free call here.

* Practice Self-Care and Empower others by allowing them to do the same is one of the “Guidelines for Authentic Learning” we use to start a coaching session or class. They make learning feel comfortable, so you can connect with your truth, strength and wisdom – not others. We believe here is where you find your personal power and ability to create fulfilling, sustainable change.


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