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How to Notice Miracles

How to Have Fun and Engage Life’s Miracles


Life can be so magical…and what we focus on expands. When we savor and dissect the good stuff, we strengthen our ability to experience more of it and trust ourselves when things aren’t, knowing we are doing our part and they will get back on track in time.  

Last week I had three seemingly miraculous incidences. It started with free Badger tickets. My twin sons grew up with a young man who plays for Michigan. As a senior, he was playing his last game in Madison and I wanted to go! I scoured the internet for tickets, but they were really overpriced. I didn’t want to pay that much nor could not think of anyone that would pay that price to join me. I felt myself working and trying too hard to make it happen, so I let it go. “It’d be great to go, but I don’t know how to make this one happen,” I thought. Shortly after, my husband nonchalantly mentioned, “Some people from work have 2 tickets to the Badger – Michigan game. Do you want to go?” YES!!!

It continued…

One early evening I went for a walk and called my sister. With gratitude and laughter we recapped my daughter and son-in-law’s wedding. I then told her things were going great with me – one thing being a ton of people signed up for an upcoming webinar. She told me she was about to go on a sunset boat cruise. I thought, “That’s right! She LIVES on a lake full time. How cool would that be to be to able to go out on a week night?!” I didn’t feel jealous and I didn’t go into thoughts about why we didn’t find a lake house nearby. I was just happy for her and thought about how cool that must be.

I hung up and looked at my phone to see two texts. One from a friend: “Hey, I’m out on the lake (3 miles away). Want to come and join me?” The second: a text notification that one more person signed up for the webinar!

What was my part in all three cases?

– I knew what I wanted
– I took actions and had conversations that felt right, energizing
– I stopped taking actions or thinking about things that didn’t feel right
– I dwelled in heart-centered ideas
– I practiced self-care

These things take time, commitment, intention and self-awareness; all things you can give yourself right now!

Do you have a miracle story? Share it and your part in it.
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