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How to Be In Control vs Controlling


Sometimes it’s frightening to powerfully lead the things you want.

We subconsciously think, “If I take care of myself, I might look bad, lose friendships or hurt other people’s feelings.” Then we lose our personal power and become controlling or victimized. 

 Controlling is when you try to change yourself or others in order to get what you want.

Control, at its best, is when you:

  1. Get clear what you want
  2. Get clear on what you will and will not partake in to get it
  3. Communicate clearly with others
  4. Use the information in steps 1-3 to control how you lead yourself forward, knowing you can get what you want in many different ways
  5. When you hit a challenge, return to step one

God/Life/The Universe is supporting you and your dreams. Control your focus and actions. Watch goodness unfold in time.


Patty Jackson is the Director of Clear Inner Focus education & coaching, a personal growth and leadership development company dedicated to helping you experience greater peace of mind & pivotal progress at work and at home. 

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