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Are You Getting That Gentle Push to Become a Life Coach?

At the beginning of each Life Coach Certification Class, I ask students to share their journey to saying, “Yes,” to training.

All of their stories had one thing in common; a feeling or knowing it was something they needed to do. Many were not certain why – yet! They were passionate, eager and ready to discover their answer.

If you are getting the urge, this information will help:

My book is published. The tool that has helped thousands connect with their inner clarity and ability to make a sustainable difference in their life is in the hands and hearts of many, and I am so excited about the live, online Life Coach Certification Class beginning January 14th, 2020.

And, ask any of the coaches who have graduated over the last 10 years, I have been available to answer questions and support them during class and for the years that have followed.

Since you are interested in Life Coach Certification, I will tell you, it took me 10 years to go from the idea to saying, “Yes!” (O.K., I didn’t say, “YES!” — I said, “Yes?”)

You do not have to “become a life coach” to reap the rewards of this program. Check out any Ted Talk or business development expert, people skills are mandatory for business growth and life satisfaction. I am giving a workshop at Johnson Controls in December and gave another talk, paid, at Hamilton High School last month.

If life coach training and certification is something that is still calling to you as an exciting – but unknown idea, I understand. It is a big decision. It takes time, effort and money. Schedule a 30 minute call! I would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Patty Jackson, Life Coach Trainer, Founder of Clear Inner Focus