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Trust Yourself to Weather Life’s Storms

Weather can be so unpredictable: sunny and hot one minute then windy and storms the next. We know we can’t control the weather, but we do know how to adapt our response to it with the right clothing and activity.

On any given day, our emotions, goals, and relationships can be wild too; comfortable and fulfilling one minute and then unpredictable and discouraging and back to hopeful throughout the course of one day. Trying to control our emotions, goals, and relationships will make the hard harder.

Instead, adapt. Remember you can trust yourself to weather life’s unpredictability! You’ve successfully done so many times. Breathe, love yourself through it all. Exercise healthy boundaries with where you will go in your own thoughts and choose responses that help you stay solution-focused, growth-oriented, and open to all the goodness that can be found in the ever-present now and on the roads ahead of you.


Patty Jackson, Founder CIF Coaching


PS: Do you have 5:26 minutes? Here is an audio reflection that will help you stay clear, open, and forward focused through your challenges: