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How to Stop Worrying About What Others Think

Worrying about what other people are thinking about you is something anyone can experience at any age. It isn’t the worst thing. 

It means you value how you put yourself out into the world. It means you value yourself and want those around you to hold you in high esteem. But what if your fear of being seen unfavorably has you trapped in anxiety? What if all you can think about is what “bad” thoughts other people may have of you?

If you find yourself lost in that kind of worry, don’t worry. 
Try being your own life coach. Remind yourself that it is okay that you are worried, and it is okay to feel anxiety, even though you’d rather not be right now.  With a few breaths and self acceptance, your focus and feeling will start to loosen and let go so you can start thinking about this instead:

 “If I’m thinking others are thinking bad things about me…I am thinking poorly of them! Oops!”

This thought may be all you need to flip your focus back to letting them be so you can focus on the things, and only person, you can control: YOU.