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How to Stop Overthinking

Our brains are thought-making machines, but you are the machinist.

When things get chaotic inside your head, take a pause. Take several 4-count breaths through your nose while exhaling to eight counts. This calms your nervous system. Next, get curious. Ask yourself, “What am I feeling? Where am I feeling this?” Give the emotion(s) and physical sensation(s) a name or names. 

When you name your feelings, you tame your feelings. 

You may realize that the combination of emotions you are temporarily experiencing are fueling a feedback loop of additional frustrating, out of control, or anxiety-producing thoughts.

This is normal.

It’s just your brain doing what it does. It’s a thought-making machine and for the moment it is in high-power mode. 

Stay in your pause. 

Now that you have named what you’re feeling, continue to breathe in through your nose to a 4:8 count. Focus on the breathing and counting as the emotions pass through your body. As they do, you will feel calmer and find grounded thoughts and solid steps forward.

You can weather this normal human stuff as you unleash the power of a pause.