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Maintain a Fulfilling Alcohol Free Life -
A Sober Coaching Program with Tracy K

Are you on the journey to a life free from alcohol but struggling with the challenges it presents? You’re not alone. Quitting alcohol is a courageous step, but it can also be a lonely and overwhelming journey. Relationships with family and friends, interests, coping mechanisms, and even our understanding of what we want from life can change significantly.

Considering how normalized it is in our culture, it can be challenging to maintain a healthy mindset regarding alcohol. Aside from the traditional AA path, it may be difficult to find support and a community that promotes a positive and healthy mindset in a culture where everything seems to revolve around alcohol and drinking. Our resolve and our “why” can weaken over time, threatening relapse.

Introducing a 4 month life coaching program for sober living with Tracy K, The Sober Coach. Here you’ll find support, connection, and a healthy, happy mindset for those living an alcohol-free life. Through individual and group coaching, you will receive guidance, powerful tools and build positive relationships that will keep you grounded, clear and moving forward in a life you love

Here's What to Expect

Designed to provide you with the support, connection, and tools you need to lead a fulfilling alcohol-free life.

Personalized Coaching

Tracy K provides both individual and group coaching sessions to help you understand your unique journey and challenges. She tailors her approach to your specific needs, ensuring a personalized and effective experience.

Powerful Tools

Tracy K equips you with a toolkit of strategies and techniques to navigate the ups and downs of your alcohol-free life. These tools will help you build resilience and maintain a positive mindset.

Community Support

You will connect with like-minded individuals who are also on the path to sobriety. Building a supportive network is crucial, and Tracy K’s program helps you foster positive relationships that keep you grounded and motivated.

Three Steps to Thriving in Your Alcohol Free Life

A mindset coach guides you through a three-month program where you learn new strategies and skills to push through stress and uncertainty, lead with your strengths, and drive progress.


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Apply New Strategies & Grow

Enjoy your fulfilling alcohol free life.