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Inner Shifts - Outer Transformations at Work

Maintaining a mentally healthy, positive, growth perspective requires time and strategy.

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You’ve invested in hiring top talent, but something is missing. Your employees are struggling with personal and professional problems, leading to disengagement, contagious stress, anxiety and negativity, conflicts and decreased productivity. Left unchecked these issues become noise that drives other problems.

This is all normal human stuff! However, there is a better way.

Our workshops are designed to equip participants with valuable tools to conquer stress and anxiety, build mindsets that drive growth, and develop habits that foster personal and professional growth and fulfillment.

Transform your team dynamics now! Invest in our workshops that unlock employees’ enthusiasm, foster ongoing collaboration, and drive unparalleled success for your organization.



Our Education Strategies

Our Workshops and Group Coaching deliver strategies designed to help team members with a host of challenges. 

  • Stress & Anxiety Management
  • Finding Motivation
  • Identifying Personal Values
  • Clear & Effective Communication
  • Staying Focused
  • Growth Mindsets
  • Accountability & Boundaries
  • Leading with Intention
  • Better Relationships with Alcohol
  • Building Trust & Confidence
  • Confident Decision Making
  • Defining & Achieving Goals
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Coping with Change
  • Skillful Listening
  • Personalized Mindfulness
  • Defining Your Passion
  • Effective Collaboration
  • Dealing with Complaints
  • Valuing Differences
  • Confident Retirement

Elevate Your Workforce with a Custom Tailored Workshops or
Select One of Our Two Signature Programs:

Flip Your Focus:
Better Mindsets - Better Results

In this workshop, you will discover the profound impact of mindsets on behavior, stress levels, and overall outcomes. Whether you’re a business professional striving for success or a student facing a challenging project, understanding and controlling your mindsets can make all the difference.

Throughout the workshop, you will learn a powerful seven-step process that has been successfully utilized to drive sales in multi-million dollar businesses.  This same process helped a 5th-grade student find clarity and reinvent his dinosaur diorama after encountering unexpected obstacles.

By participating in this workshop, you will:

  1. Understand the Role of Mindsets: Explore how mindsets shape your actions and affect your ability to achieve desired results.

  2. Identify Limiting Beliefs: Pinpoint the negative or outdated mindsets that may be hindering your progress or causing unnecessary stress.

  3. Break Down Old Mindsets: Learn effective techniques to challenge and dismantle limiting beliefs, opening the way for new possibilities.

  4. Cultivate Positive Mindsets: Develop strategies to cultivate positive and growth-oriented mindsets that support your goals and well-being.

  5. Embrace Emotions as and Agent of Change: Discover strategies to transform uncomfortable emotions into clarity and motivation.

  6. Build a Clear Path Forward: Create a step-by-step plan to achieve your objectives with confidence and purpose.

  7. Foster Peace of Mind: Cultivate a sense of calm and peace by mastering your mindsets and handling challenges with a proactive habits.

Join us for this transformative workshop and equip yourself with the tools to break free from old, limiting mindsets, and build new ones that pave the way for progress, peace of mind, and a clear path forward in both your personal and professional endeavors.

Constructive Conversations:
Better Connections at Work & Home

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In this highly informative and practical workshop, we will address the common challenges that hinder the effectiveness of meetings. Meetings should be a platform for sharing ideas, creating concrete plans, and driving success, but all too often, they result in confusion, conflict, and diminishing returns.

Join us as we unveil 10 powerful guidelines that will equip you with the tools and strategies to approach meetings with confidence and preparation, fostering collaboration and cooperation that will consistently yield positive results.

During the workshop, you will gain insights into the following strategies and their importance:

  1. Begin with a Personal Goal: Learn how to set clear personal objectives for each meeting to stay focused and contribute meaningfully.

  2. Navigate Your Own Emotions: Understand the impact of emotions on meeting dynamics and develop techniques to manage them effectively.

  3. Listen to Hear Others: Master the art of active listening to create an environment where everyone’s ideas are valued and respected.

  4. Make Winning Plans: Discover methods to create well-structured and actionable plans that drive successful outcomes.

  5. Troubleshoot Common Pitfalls: Anticipate and address common challenges that arise before, during, and after constructive conversations.

  6. Handle Broken Agreements: Learn constructive ways to address broken agreements and realign the team’s efforts.

Whether you want to elevate your professional discussions or improve personal interactions, this workshop equips you with the tools to elevate the impact of your conversations. Join us and leave with the confidence and skills to create a positive, productive, and transformative environment in all your conversations. Say goodbye to frustrating and ineffective meetings, and embrace a new era of successful and impactful interactions that drive meaningful results.

Our Workshops

Our team building workshops offers real-life examples and tools that help employees push through stress and uncertainty, lead with their strengths, collaborate more effectively, and drive progress.

Lunch & Learns

Informal sessions that start employees on a journey to move from stress to clarity, reset emotions, improve engagement and boost mental health.

Power Hours

Elevate employee engagement and empower teams and individuals with Power Hours covering conflict resolution, productivity strategies, and more.

Happening Half Days

Break negative cycles and build positive and sustainable change with half-day workshops that build engagement, improve communication and company culture, and refine interpersonal skills.

Group Coaching

By combining our insightful workshops with continued weekly group coaching, we create a powerful synergy that transforms not only individuals but the entire work environment. Witness your employees thrive in a positive, empowered atmosphere that drives success.

Ongoing Support

Our expert coaches will guide participants through the process of turning learning into action.

Habit Formation

Build sustainable habits that reinforce the workshop teachings, ensuring consistent growth.

Collective Growth

Be an organization that values supporting personal and collective excellence.

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