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McKenzie Raymond

McKenzie Raymond

Certified Life Coach


Women With Big Dreams

Hi, I’m McKenzie , Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher.

I’m a 30 year old nature lover who recently moved from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to Athens, Georgia. I’m on a mission to guide powerful women and self-aware teens to their inner truth and love. I value freedom and have a passion for creating safe space for others to witness themselves.

I’ll help you find solutions that are inspired by your inner truth. I hold safe space for you to accept and love yourself as is.  I believe that your greatest opportunity to make an impact exists in how you choose to navigate challenges and our normal human stuff. Leading with integrity means taking responsibility for your own self care, speaking your truth and honoring boundaries in all relationships. With the help of specific tools and techniques you’ll be able to live and lead confidently in the direction of your wildest dreams & deepest desires.

I specialize in helping clients lead themselves through growth and change by:

  • Learning how to hear the voice of self belief louder then the voice of self doubt
  • Taking creative, fun, inspired and bold steps forward
  • Overcoming fear & uncertainty
  • Taking responsibility
  • Improving all relationships by honoring healthy boundaries

My Background

As a human empowerment specialist, I offer reiki, reiki training, yoga, life coaching, life coach training and women’s retreats. I’ve been running my own business, walking my talk and reaping the benefits of conscious living since 2014.

My Training

Reiki Certified Instructor Clear Inner Focus, Coaching Certification Yoga Certified Instructor, Yoga Alliance

McKenzie's Testimonials

“McKenzie has a natural, comforting energy that allows you to feel safe and empowered in your own energy. Together it is a collaboration that helps you get in touch with your inner power and grow towards your purpose. I loved every minute of it!”

3 Month Coaching Client

“McKenzie helped me transform my entire life from top to bottom. The investment that is needed for this coaching is minuscule compared to the self awareness and self love that I walked away from this experience with. McKenzie creates and welcomes you into a safe space for you to be exactly who you are without judgement. I would recommend McKenzie to anyone that needs a solid sturdy foundation to begin flipping their own script and choosing to love themselves.”

6 Month Coaching Client

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