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Tracy Kummer

Tracy Kummer

Certified Life Coach

Developing Better Relationships

Hello! I’m a life coach specializing in helping people develop better relationships, the first priority being the relationship you have with yourself. Once you find the YOU in your life, who you are, what you want, what it means to be happy, I support you in your relationships with the world around you: your marriage, kids, family, coworkers and addictive behaviors. I truly believe that our (often subconscious) thoughts and beliefs limit our growth and keep us stuck. Learning how to recognize that and change your mindset can help you find the freedom, happiness and purpose you are looking for.

I specialize in helping clients:

  • Develop Healthy Relationships
  • Navigate Changes in Health
  • Control their Relationship with Alcohol
  • Work through Anxiety
  • Progress with Greater Self-Awareness, Love and Confidence

My Background

I have spent 30 years in the healthcare industry, working with clients physically, but also supporting them emotionally as a PT. I have also gained much experience from the challenges presented, addressed and surmounted in my life via the mindful avenues of life coaching, counseling, yoga teaching and writing. I am a divorced and happily remarried mom of 3 grown boys and a step daughter, a cancer survivor and currently alcohol free. I don’t let those experiences define me, but instead let the growth from them inspire me in helping others via life coaching with Clear Inner Focus.

My Training

Marquette University, B.S., Physical Therapy

Power and Alignment Yoga Teacher Certifications

Clear Inner Focus, Coaching Certification

Tracy's Testimonials

“I had really been struggling with anxiety in school and at home. Tracy helped me to see that there was something I could do to feel better, more in control. I still use the tools she gave me when I start to struggle and it really helps!

Morgan R

“After 52 years, I’d finally decided to address my relationship with my mom. Tracy was so good at helping me create good boundaries and actually shift my mindset so that I wouldn’t get so worked up every time I was around her. It’s a work in progress, but now I not only feel better about myself, but I also feel better about who I am as a daughter.”

Jeanne K

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