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Life Coach Skills are People Skills – For Personal, Professional and Relationship Growth

What Can You Do With A Life Coach Certification?

Investment advisor, founder of Kalyana Organics, professional chef,  and author*, Robyn Wright,  shares how the people skills learned in life coach training have supported her in building, enjoying and evolving her career, marriage and family.

People Skills She Uses to Coach Herself Regularly:

  • All Emotions Are Gifts – Even ones that feel terrible or uncomfortable. Welcome them instead of running away from them. Being with others in their uncomfortable emotions and fears, as well as their hopes and dreams, is how we create solutions that align with their desires.
  • Life Experiences Can Be Broken Down Into Essence and Form – Being clear on what you love is the necessary step to take before trying to find your path forward. Set forth exploring and being aware of what feels right. 
  • Stay Curious and Let Goals Evolve – Ask “How can I?” questions. Listen to what people are saying. Be in tune with yourself and how your emotions are feeling. Take actions when you have a clear, “yes!”
  • I Don’t Need to Know the How- Know what you want and stay open to possibilities that present themselves and inspired ideas.
  • Be Clear On Intention and Trust the Process. I don’t have to make everything happen, just refer back to intention and proceed.
  • Practicing the Skills Will Help Me Coach Myself and Guide Others – Coaches don’t have all the answers. Life is constantly evolving for all of us.

Life Coach Skills provide strategies and tools to embrace emotions, find clarity, stay curious, trust the process, and practice self-coaching in your personal and professional life. The Clear Inner Focus life coach training program is available as a self study

Robyn is a Master Life Coach at Clear Inner Focus Mindset Coaching.